OTIBLOCK® Ear Spray is a remedy that helps to remove earwax build-up from the ear canal.

Its active ingredient has extensively been proven to be effective and safe by medical professionals.

What is more, the OTIBLOCK® Ear Spray has been formulated to maintain the normal characteristics of the ear canal, in order to avoid further complications.

How does it work?

When spray into the ear canal, OTIBLOCK® liberates oxigen and the bubbles in the liquid break the earwax plug down into small fragments.

Furthermore, thanks to the product’s aqueous characteristics, the fragments are dissolved into even smaller particles, which may leave the ear spontaneously or be removed more easily by your doctor, if manual intervention is deemed necessary.

OTIBLOCK® is oil-free.
The product drains away without leaving unpleasant oily residues. Unlike sea water and other saline solutions, OTIBLOCK® helps to maintain the physiological pH of the ear.


How to use OTIBLOCK®

OTIBLOCK® comes in a 45 ml bottle with a dispensing device.

The active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide.
This works by releasing oxygen, which breaks the earwax down into smaller fragments that are easier to remove. It may also prevent the need for ear irrigation (syringing).

Applying OTIBLOCK®

OTIBLOCK® is applied using a dispensing pump specially designed for use in the outer ear canal, as shown in the diagram.

Before using OTIBLOCK®, assemble the ear dispensing device with the bottle by exerting slight pressure, and spray repeatedly until the liquid comes out.

Tilt the head so that affected ear faces upward and gently pull the ear backwards.

Place the ear dispensing device in the external ear canal, with particular care in children below 9 years, and press it (to know the dosage, see the next section How often to use OTIBLOCK® Ear Spray). Keep the head tilted for about 2 minutes.

Turn the head in the opposite direction to allow the liquid to drain and dry holding a clean tissue.

Clean the ear dispensing device with water and dry it. Keep it for future applications.

Do not use OTIBLOCK® :

• if you are allergic to hydrogen peroxide;
• if you are suffering from dizziness or any form of otitis (for example: pain, infection, discharge, etc.);
• if you have, or suspect that you may have, a perforated eardrum/an eardrum-related impairment; or
• if you suffer from tinnitus and/or have a history of hearing problems

Precautions and possible side effects:

• OTIBLOCK® will not interact with any other product or medicine that you may be taking.
• However, do not use it with any other ear product at the same time.
• The release of oxygen may cause a temporary bubbling sensation.
• It has been reported that ear solutions may cause discomfort, hearing loss, dizziness and tinnitus.
• Do not drive or use machines if you experience these effects.
• An unpleasant taste in the mouth has also been reported on rare occasions.
• Do not refill the container.

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